Community finally returned last week (we're not discouraged by the super low ratings) and Alison Brie stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to talk about the show and her other skills.

"I work with Donald Glover, who is a professional rapper—Childish Gambino, he's great. And Danny Pudi is a really good beatboxer, so there's a lot of musicality going on on set. I think I just wanted to get in on the action," she says.

"I just started doing it on set as a joke, and everyone would make fun of me 'cause I was like the insecure rapper—I'd have to qualify everything."

Brie also says the first time she rapped outside of the set, Jimmy Fallon's own bandleader Questlove accompanied her with two drumsticks on her living room coffee table. That basically sounds like the greatest party ever.

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[via EW]