Doing a juice cleanse is like putting your hand on a burning stove, and leaving it there for several days straight. It's a uniquely painful, masochistic process no one should willingly inflict upon themselves, yet, droves of people are driven to do it. You might not be down with the cause, but chances are your girlfriend, sister, mother, and a large group have co-workers have recently committed themselves to it. The juice thirst is real. Why else would they be selling them in Whole Foods?

Popular juice purveyors like the Blueprint, Liquiteria, and Organic Avenue promise to purge your body (specifically, your kidney, liver, and colon) of the toxins borne of hard living, ie: margaritas and fried foods, preferably in that order. We took Organic Avenue’s popular “Love Deep” cleanse for a test drive, and amazingly, survived with stories to tell.

Here, we share the 7 unexpected lessons we learned from three days of all-juice-everything.

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