Played By: Megan Hilty

The few Smash fans left out there agree that it's tough rooting for the show's main character when her nemesis clearly has the better chops. Lead actress Katherine McPhee's performance has been weak since the show began, and now that we're well into the second season, the time for fixing that is probably over.

McPhee's work is just one of the problems of this deeply flawed show. Critics have run through the litany of complaints time and time again, but for us, the Implausible plotting is the show's greatest sin. Smash tries so hard to sell us on this or that poorly formed plot point that it never takes a step back and let's us enjoy the talent of the cast. For all of its faults, at least Glee knows how to do that, which is a large part of the reason why Glee was already there when Smash began, and will likely be around when Smash is gone.