Best Known For: Willow (1988), Tombstone (1993), Heat (1995)
Most Recent Project: Riddle (2013)

Kilmer's career had an auspicious start, as he was the youngest actor ever accepted to Julliard, but it didn't take long before he solidified his reputation for being difficult to work with. Rumors of a rivalry between Kilmer and Tom Cruise during the filming of Top Gun swirl to this day; the two supposedly brawled when the cameras were off.

In his 2001 book, Which Lie Did I Tell, William Goldman went into vivid detail regarding Kilmer's problematic behavior on the set of The Ghost and the Darkness. After a string of notorious tantrums on the set of The Island of Dr. Moreau, Kilmer was lectured by Brando to not confuse his talent with the size of his paycheck.

Even the most talented actors can't burn that many bridges, and outside of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Kilmer's career has slowed to a crawl after two decades of dickishness.