This morning, Ed Koch died at the age of 88. Nearly 25 years after leaving office, he remains one of the most famous mayors of New York City. His chirpy, matter-of-fact speech and "How'm I doing?" catchphrase made him a favorite in his first two terms. He balanced the city budget and brought a lot of pride back to NYC after some crippling years when the economy took a dive.

By his third term, however, Koch was criticized for his callous attitude toward violence against the black community, his inability to cope with the AIDS crisis, and scandals that mired his administration as the stock market folded.

You'd think three terms as mayor would have a person ready for a nice, quiet life, but Ed Koch was just getting started. He practiced law, appeared in over 60 films and TV shows, hosted a radio talk show, reviewed movies on YouTube, wrote about food and politics online, lectured at NYU, and gave incredible sound bites up until his death today.

In memory of the former mayor, here are 20 things you didn't know about Ed Koch.

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