Generic crowd chants are no fun, in real life or in video games. The most entertaining way for spectators to become a part of a game is to target someone on the opposing team and clown them unmercifully. Complex doesn't condone racism or homophobia (you already get enough of both just by playing online anyway) but if Duke fans, a.k.a. Cameron Crazies, are going to emasculate an undersized, fresh faced opposing guard by chanting that it's past his bedtime, video game crowds from the Raiders' Black Hole in Oakland to the Napoli's nutter Ultras should be equally cruel in their efforts to provide a home advantage.

Of course, there's always the possibility that a player will have a high masochism rating and enjoy being put down just so they can score and make a choke sign to quiet the crowd. (Damn you, Reggie Miller, damn you.)