During the press conference shortly after the Newtown shooting, NRA vice-president Wayne LaPierre stood before an audience of millions and denounced violent video games as the reason we have a violence problem in society and held up Kindergarten Killer as a prime example. Never heard of the game? Don't worry, nobody else has either; originally released back in 2002 on Newgrounds.com, the game was played by remarkably few.

Sure, the subject matter of the game does involve shooting your way through a school full of pistol-toting kindergartners, but the erroneous worry of the NRA about this kind of content is their assumption that stifling the creative freedoms of the industry will prevent stuff like this from being made. The truth is, the "game" was made by a random Newgrounds user, not a company, and would therefore forever be exempt from whatever bans or regulations imposed upon the industry. The irony in this being their coup de grace example is painful.