It's All Touchy Feely

When Media Molecule aimed to explain the gameplay of Tearaway, the term “touchy feely” came out of their mouths a great deal and rightfully so. The game eschews a majority of traditional input methods to make great use of the Vita’s various functionalities, giving it a much more tactile, hands-on sort of feel that’ll leave you feeling all giddy inside.

It’s one thing for a game to feel immersive, but most of the time this comes in the form of tricking the player into thinking they’re a part of the game world. Tearaway has no tricks up its sleeve; it fully recognizes that you’re an outsider playing a game. However, its willingness to let you dig your nails in (literally) makes it feel like it’s adopted you as one of its own and that level of acceptance brings all sorts of warm fuzzies.