Most Notable Movie: Lost in Translation (2003)

Sofia Coppola is essentially one of the coolest directors out there. No, not just because she's part of the most prolific family of filmmakers (her dad is Francis Ford Coppola and her brother is Roman Coppola), but because her films continue to feel modern and relevant despite how much further away in time we get from it.

From The Virgin Suicides and Somewhere to Lost in Translation, for which she won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, the director has a remarkable ability to tell a profound story with the most minimal dialogue. Without too much camera trickery, she simply captures the essence of each story she tells and splashes it on screen. 

Up next, Coppola is prepping to release the highly anticipated Emma Watson-starrer, The Bling Ring, about the group of rich kids who knocked off some of Hollywood's trendiest celebrities, including Paris Hilton.