Inez was an Internet date that I ended up meeting offline. One of her online profile photos was a shot of her holding a koala, and from talking to her online and in person, she was a koala fiend.

She even said, "I almost wore one of my koala shirts tonight, but I figured I'd ease you into it gradually."

There were no issues at dinner, although she told me, more than once, that koalas apparently make great pets. After dinner, we went on a walk nearby and as we strolled past a yard with a bunch of bushes, she stopped and sniffed the air.

She asked me, "You smell that? Eucalyptus! I'd know it anywhere!"

She reached at a shrub and pulled off some leaves. She waved them at me, said, "Eucalyptus!" and popped a handful into her mouth.

She offered the one remaining leaf to me, and I refused her gracefully. She smelled the leaf, said, "Mmm!" and ate it, as well. She then grabbed and munched on another handful of leaves, and then another.

She said, "Only people and koalas can digest them. Sure you don't want any?"

I refused her politely, again. She ate the rest of the leaves and we walked on. She kept talking about them. "They're an acquired taste. They're bitter, but you can use them in tea, baking, and potpourri."

The date soon ended, and we both went home.

The leaves probably weren't eucalyptus, because she wound up violently ill over the following two weeks. I felt bad, but I lost interest, so we didn't go out again. Joshua