Joan came off as brilliant online, and via email. In person, though, she was really shy and quiet. I told her that I was glad to be out to dinner with her, and I complimented her a fair amount, hoping to make her feel more comfortable. She opened up a little bit, but she was definitely content to let me do most of the talking, and I did my best, given the situation.

One of the more animated parts of our conversation was about anime and manga, as we were both fans. We both dabbled in drawing it, and both had a sizable library of DVDs. After a halfway decent talk about it, she closed off again and nervously kept checking her reflection in her spoon. I wasn't ready to write her off, yet, as perhaps it took her more than one date to warm up to someone, and aside from that, there might have been potential.

During one of the longer quiet spells, though, she stuck a pinky up her nose, pulled out a long booger, and popped it into her mouth.

I glanced down at my food, pretending not to notice, but I could see, in my peripheral vision, that she glanced up at me, to see, maybe, if I had noticed. I pretended not to, and finished off the date without any mention of it. It was, however, our last date. Richard