I met him on OkCupid. He seemed great, an engineer, 5'10" with dark brown hair, lives close by, very smart. We talked on the phone and it went very well. He was witty, intelligent, and funny. He invited me to meet him for drinks and asked me for a bar suggestion. Seeing as we are both Yankees fans, I asked him if he'd like to head to a sports bar to watch a game. He agreed, and we planned to meet at Penn Station to the bar together.

I get there and can't find him anywhere, so I call his phone. Then, I notice a short, disheveled man stumbling about on the street. I think to myself: 'This cannot be my date....' But, sadly, it is. He is 5'6" at best, and sloppy-looking with a gross purple shirt half-tucked into his wrinkled khaki pants. He looks nothing like his pictures. But that wasn't what made this date the most awkward date of my life thus far. He left out one VERY important detail-he's 100% BLIND!

I decided to be a good sport and stick it out. We walked to a nearby watering hole and took a couple of seats at the bar. The Yankees game was on, but of course he can't see it. There are four other TVs playing four other different games. So, I'm stuck giving him a play-by-play the entire time. He was unsteady on his barstool and his eyes wandered all over the place; I could barely pay attention to our conversation. At first I felt bad-this man has a serious disability that he has to face every day. But after missing his mouth with his chicken finger and spilling a bit of beer on me, I knew this was not the man for me. I felt a little sorry for him, but only a little. After all, I was duped into dating this visually impaired weirdo! He should have prepared me for this!"

We were seated next to one of the bar's bouncers who could not stop laughing. I shot him one of those 'please-don't-make-this-worse-for-me' glances and he thankfully moved to the other side of the bar.

After finishing our chicken fingers and beer, this guy tried to make an inappropriate advance. At first I thought he was trying to hold my hand, but when he reached out he tried to cop a feel of my boob. I was shocked and immediately stopped him and told him I was not interested in him. He did not take this well. He asked what he did wrong and looked genuinely upset. I tried to let him down as easy as possible. After he accepted that I would not be going out with him again, we decided to call it a night and walked out of the venue. Then he asked if I had any friends I could set him up with....I did a 180 and left this blind man in the middle of the street. I never saw him again. But I guess he never saw me at all. Irene R.