While superheroes like Iron Man, Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man are getting more movie adaptations than we can stomach at this point, non-superhero comics are still struggling to hit the big screen. And one of the most brilliant series of all time, Y: The Last Man, has been stuck in development hell for years, despite having stronger source material than most comics that do get turned into movies. Well it looks like that might change now as New Line has hired director Dan Trachtenberg to finally put the DC/Vertigo series into theaters, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Trachtenberg has mainly just directed commercials during his career, but he was responsible for an impressive short film for the video game Portal in 2011, which likely led to him landing this gig. Remember, David Fincher started off in commercials and music videos before becoming one of the most acclaimed directors in the States, so this just proves that everybody has to start somewhere.

For those who don’t know, Y: The Last Man focuses on a man named Yorick Brown, who is the last surviving male on Earth after a mysterious plague left only females to roam the planet. Along with his pet monkey, Ampersand, he decides to find out what caused the plague in the first place. It was created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Pia Guera, and went on to win numerous awards and critical acclaim during its run from 2002-2008.

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