Introduced in 2010, Google Instant suggested popular search queries to users before they finished typing. It furthered Larry Page's and Sergey Brin's mission to create a search engine that seemed to read people's minds. So as not to offend people or expose them to accidental crassness, the Mountainview, Calif.-based company banned a number of words and search terms. But even the all mighty Google couldn't completely clean it up.

Soon after its launch a number of people began playing around with it and noticed that if you type in a certain phrase, you could get the search engine to propose some pretty, uh, interesting suggestions. If you being typing a query including a race or ethnicity, Google will recommend some searches that, depending on your sensibilities, may or may not offend or amuse. The rub is that the following results are based on what people most often Google. So, really this is really what the world thinks about your race.