Tired of being pushed to see Silver Linings Playbook when you're dying to check out Amour? Now you can turn to Twitter's new Oscar Index, which measures the frequency and positivity of tweets about the Academy's nominees, to see which is more popular. 

"All year long millions of people talk about their favorite movies and movies they've seen and movies they love," Fred Graver, Twitter's Head of Television, told Fast Company. "On Twitter that [discussion] heats up around Oscar time, especially around a night like Sunday night when there were 3.6 million tweets about the Golden Globes." 

The Oscar Index is modeled after Twitter's Political Index, which tracked the public's feelings about Mitt Romney and President Obama during election season. This time around, the Index is all in good fun; it's just a way to gauge the public conversation, said Graver. 

Click here to follow the index, as it breaks down tweets by nominees, key dates and general Oscars babble. 

[via Fast Company]