Got nothing but love for your Twitter friends? You aren't alone. 

A new graph from Isaac Hepworth picked up by econsultancy shows that favoriting is on the rise, thanks to a massive update rolled out in December 2011. The change put favoriting "front and center," while the "Connect" tab made it easier to see who had favorited your tweets, and "Discover" showed users friends' favorited tweets. 

What's interesting is that @ replies, which were originally meant for the recipient, are getting favorited more, proving the platform's growing strength as a communication tool.

But others like to favorite tweets to curate their news. On Tweetdeck, for example, you can set up a column with nothing but favorited tweets to read later. For users, the favoriting trend could mean more feedback on posts and curation services like Stellar cropping up; for brands, it could fire up  engagement. 

[via econsultancy]