A lot of people are very pissed off at Ticketmaster right now. Tasked with handling ticketing for the lone Inaugural Ball that's open to the public, they accidentally emailed invitations to to purchase tickets to some people yesterday when they were not supposed to go on sale until today. Naturally, they sold out immediately.

Everyone who received an exclusive email did the right thing and grabbed their tickets, leaving the Jan. 21 event completely sold out one day before tickets were supposed to be available. Aoife McCarthy, who's a spokeswoman for the Presidential Inaugural Committee, confirmed that all of the tickets are gone.

Ticketmaster sent out a second email people on the waiting list where they took responsibility for the gaffe. According to them, the link was emailed thanks to a test of their email system. The email added that a "significant," yet unspecified amount of tickets had been sold. They also pissed people off further by explaining that all tickets are first-come, first-served, including those sold yesterday.

Anyone still holding on to hope should treat these tickets like the Bred 11's and hope a reseller won't slaughter your pockets too horribly. Someone is already selling tickets on Craigslist for $250 each. The retail price was $60.

[via DCist]