The Internet keeps getting more interactive—and good-looking—thanks to the genius of HTML5. It's what enabled The New York Times to produce its all-engrossing "Snowfall" experience, and Pitchfork to whip up excellent features on Ty Segall and Bat for Lashes

But there are times when you've gotta enjoy art for art's sake, and that's where designer-slash-developer Jongmin Kim comes in. 

Kim's created some stunning visuals with his Form Follows Function web project, a series of 20 interactive experiences—only 13 are available as of Jan. 16—that includes multi-colored soup cans à la Warhol or "raining" Magritte-inspired men. Both are sights to behold and a great way to zone out at work, if you're into that sort of art schtick. 

[via Animal New York]