Sony's PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance, which means anyone who wasn't already signed on can't play online games, and no one can access the PlayStation Network store and other important functions. For all intents and purposes, the PlayStation Network is essentially down. And it seems no one is sure when it might go back up.

The PSN maintenance was meant to last for 12 hours yesterday, but last night it was extended to this morning. Now, in the afternoon, we still can't get online on our PS Vita. Sony's latest Twitter update claims that the PlayStation Network should be accessible again in a couple hours at most.

Have you been affected by the PSN outage? What do you think is so important that Sony is willing to inconvenience fans for most of two days (and possibly even longer)?

Update: As several commenters have pointed out, another Sony tweet claims that the maintenance will continue until at least tomorrow morning. Sigh.

Update 2: PSN appears to be back up and running as of Saturday morning. Hooray!