Notable roles: Maude (CBS, 1973-1974), The Love Boat (ABC, 1977-1986)
Political position: U.S. Representative, Iowa (1987-1995)

Fred Grandy rose to fame in the late ‘70s when he starred as Gopher on The Love Boat. He basically did whatever Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod) ordered him to do and was never seen as being worth anything more than a cheap laugh or two during its nine-season tenure.

After the series was over, Grandy decided to inject a little dignity into his career by winning a seat as a U.S. representative from Iowa in 1987. Grandy remained in the position for four terms, during which he was a part of numerous committees and other dry, congressional duties. Mostly, though, he stayed out of the limelight for his entire tenure.

Once back to a private lifestyle, Grandy made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. In 2010, he was forced to resign from his conservative talk radio show in Washington D.C. due to comments he and his wife made about Islam while on the air.

Since then, Grandy has made numerous remarks that can be seen as anti-Islam, like stating that the Occupy Wall Street movement was being supported by the Council on American-Islam Relations at a 2011 Tea Party event. With offensive rants like that, Grandy is entertaining people (albeit for all the wrong reasons) more now than he ever did while on The Love Boat. Unfortunately, he’s also scaring us more too.