Introduced: 1977
Manufacturer: General Mills
Sugar Per Serving: 9g
Watch A Classic Commercial:

If you love Cookie Crisp, you have to make a choice; you must decide which mascot you ride for. Older heads might go with Jarvis (1977–1985), the cookie wizard. But since you know it's rough and real out there, the villainous Cookie Crook (1981–1997) might be your chosen accomplice. However, if you're a punk with a badge, you're probably shining the shoes of Officer Crumb (1982–1997). Then there's Chip the Dog, who had a debilitating form of Tourette's that made him shout this: "Coo-oooooooooookie Crisp!" As of '05, Cookie Crisp fans have to deal with Chip the Wolf.

So, choose. Wizard or wolf? Dog or thief? Just know that if you're siding with the law, you might want to consider blowing your ish loose.