Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Address: 120 Essex St.

Brunch in New York can get pretty monotonous. Omelette, mimosa, arugala salad, repeat. But when you stumble into Shopsin's, hung over and cranky, you'll be met with what feels ike a truck stop breakfast joint tucked inside Essex Market. Shopsin's can claim none of the fuss or interior decor cool points of other NY spots, nor will your server, a hostile dude in a metal T, babysit you through your menu options or even smile. But that's his shtick, and he's great at it. Which brings us to the menu: if you're an indecisive person, walk away now. Shopsin's menu includes hundreds of options, and every single option looks so damn good. If the odds are in your favor, sit at the countertop facing the kitchen. You get to watch the equally hostile cooks prepare your meal, and maybe even get the server to chat you up. But once your food arrives, you'll want to do away with the dialogue and faceplant whatever delicious meal you were just gifted with. —Brianne Garcia