Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Address: 35 Orchard St.

The small space just east of Chinatown is unlabeled and unnumbered. In truth, it's difficult to even find the place unless you know what you're looking for. And once inside, you'll find more of the same rough-around-the-edges aesthetic. But even with uneven floorboards, chipped paint, and scarce seating, Cheeky Sandwiches charms. The fare channels New Orleans, offering up lovely and legit NOLA sandwiches and munchables, all under $10: One of the only places in New York City one can get a certifiably decent Po Boy. A braised short rib sandwich comes on the softest bread you've known, a fresh, challah carb-pillow filled with tender beef and finished with a horesradish zing. The half-shrimp, half-oyster 'Boy is a winner too, with bread imported straight from New Orleans and a generous heap of heavily-dressed, freshly-fried sea fare. Come here, and leave Crescent City-Content. -Shanté Cosme