Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Address: 103 North 3rd St.

Brooklyn Art Library is a place where you take someone special to you, whether it be a dear friend, or someone you love (or, are working towards it with). The gorgeous space is lined with shelves sighing under the weight of many books. But not just any books. This is the home to The Sketchbook Project, where people are given empty books to fill with anything their tiny hearts desire.

The project travels the world with the many volumes submitted to the project, and here in Brooklyn, you can browse many of these volumes in a charming setting. Create a custom library card, and choose a topic, and one of the library employee's will pluck the books from the shelves and bring them to your table. Many are funny, some personal, but each one is creative and surprisingly poignant. You will laugh, be moved, and leave inspired to create something of your own.  -Shanté Cosme