The "Games Are Art" Debate

Perpetrators: Roger Ebert, Game Fanatics

Worst Example: Roger Ebert

We've had this conversation far too many times and it needs to stop. I have no clue why we let the opinions of outsiders - most commonly folks who've never picked up a controller in their life - matter to our collective sense of worth. Whether the mainstream deems games as art or not has no relevance on how they impact you personally, how you appreciate them, or how valuable your time spent with them is.

What makes this whole thing a never-ending wheel of pointless justification is that gamers come to the defence of their medium so easily and with such force that it makes the whole culture either look like a bunch of arrogant wannabe-critics with upturned noses, or juvenile kids who can't get over being told their toys aren't a good use of time. Sure, it's not true, but that's just how the perception grows.

The Solution: Stop giving a shit what people think of how you spend your time.