Everything's a Revamp

Perpetrators: Pretty much every game publisher, Consumers

Worst Example: DMC: Devil May Cry

Yeah, this complaint contradicts the last one; like I care. If publishers aren't investing in more sequels and they're not willing to jump the gun on an original property, you can bet that they'll be revamping one of their classic franchises for a more modern audience. Usually this means tampering with what made the old games great, but sometimes it can lead to pretty interesting results (see: Tomb Raider).

What's frustrating about this though is the need to bring along all of the baggage and expectations of a legacy series when you're trying to do something new. Players expect certain things from their favourite franchises and messing with that for the sake of a new vision isn't quite fair. If you want to do something new, I applaud you to no end; just do the right thing and don't attach it to an already established brand, it deserves its own IP.

The Solution: Let new ideas be new franchises