Digital's Increasing Price

Perpetrators: Sony, Microsoft

Worst Example: Xbox Live Arcade

When the Xbox Live Arcade kicked off the mass adoption of digital distribution it was lauded as a cheap alternative to expensive retail games and offered a high quality of content at a fair price. When was the last time you saw a great game release for 400 MSP, or even 800 MSP? The ever-increasing price of downloadable games on the consoles has left us with the average being about 1200 MSP per title despite only an arguably marginal increase in quality.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to this, but the main three in my not-so-humble opinion include the flooding of the marketplace (making fewer sales overall per title), cuts being paid to publishers who indie devs must deal with in order to release on the XBLA, and general greed. None of these are particularly good reasons to keep prices increasing considering that it doesn't benefit the developers all that much and it just asks more of the customer.

The Solution: Stop flooding the marketplace with junk so that good games can hit their revenue targets without inflating prices. Stop forcing indie devs to work with a big publisher and lose a chunk of their sale price to middlemen.

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