Cinematic Overkill

Perpetrators: DICE, Kojima Productions, 343 Industries

Worst Example: Metal Gear Solid 4

If the whole point of video games is for them to be interactive, taking control out of the players' hands to deliver a majority of the action through cutscenes is absurd. There are things developers want to do in the story that can't be conveyed well through gameplay and they shouldn't sacrifice their narrative vision just to fit this narrow definition of what games should be, but if your player has to sit through cutscene after cutscene, you're kind of missing the purpose of interactivity.

Cinema is not tactilly engaging, it's the one major advantage video games have over film. Cutting that aspect down for the sake of a more traditional delivery is foolish and doesn't capitalize on the opportunities the medium presents. Even worse is when developers try to blend the two, adding quick-time events in cutscenes that force the player to watch them over and over again just because they can't hit X fast enough.

The Solution: Temper the usage of cinematics, try and tell more stories through gameplay