Address: 417 East 6th St.
Website: N/A

Touché has historically been marked by the decibel-shattering sounds of bottles breaking as they hit the ground. No, it’s not the bars' patrons, the violators here are the bartenders. Nightly, they practice for some Cocktail-style bartending competition where they whip glasses around and faux-juggle alcohol bottles while making your flair-rific drink, surrounded by enthusiastic douches bobbing their heads to the beat. The beverage du jour here is the Flaming Dr. Pepper, which expects you will be dazzled as cocky showoffs light a shot of cheap booze on fire and drop it into a beer to extinguish the flames. The result is something meant to resemble the taste of the beloved soft drink, but it doesn't, and you're left with nothing to quelch the fire of disgust glowing in your disappointed heart.