Address: 306 East 6th St.

The Dizzy Rooster is yet another entry in the ever-growing list of bars for ballers-on-a-budget dotting Austin’s famous 6th Street. Its claim to fame is that it was the bar most frequented by the cast of The Real World Austin, where people stopped getting real, and started getting trainwrecked. Since the show aired, there has been a constant presence of enigmatic young turds who live downtown. It's unclear what they do or how they scored a luxe apartment in such a plum location. The Dizzy Rooster is an easy place for them to stumble to and from. There are plenty of easy-access alleyways to use when beverages decide to reverse their digestive path. Do you remember the episode where the Real Worlder gets punched in the face? It's reenacted every night at the Dizzy Rooster. Austin is such a friendly place.