Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Various

To truly understand what Grant Morrison was trying to accomplish in The Invisibles you have to understand that he gained most of his inspiration after, per his own claims, he was abducted by aliens in Kathmandu and given narrative ideas. Seriously.

The book itself is about a single cell working for The Invisible College, a secret organization that fights against a race of alien gods who are looking to stop the metaphysical evolution of humanity by enslaving it.

Blending anarchic and existential undertones with the high concepts and ramblings associated with an acid trip, The Invisibles is one of Morrison’s least accessible reads. But once it’s fully digested, it also becomes his most fascinating. Really, what's not to love about a book that deals with subjects as familiar as alien invasions while also focusing on tantric sex and drug use?

Morrison is mostly known for his experimental superhero work on titles like Arkham Asylum and New X-Men, but this makes all of that look like Betty and Veronica in comparison. Anyone looking to dig deep into the sordid corners of the comic book world should at least dip their toes into these psychedelic waters.