Writer/Artist: Frank Miller

You’ve most likely already seen the movie, but trust us, there's more to Sin City than one film. In Frank Miller’s blood-soaked, neo-noir world, violence and hookers dominate a landscape that's one of the most expansive and detailed that we've ever seen in a comic. This book is a black-and-white callback to the pulps tales of the ‘40s, and Miller pulls all of it off effortlessly.

He gives us hard-boiled dialogue that just drips of testosterone, while the internal monologues of his characters showcase inner torment and misery that fits in perfectly with their crusty environment. Everyone knows about characters like Marv, Nancy, and Dwight from the movie, but they come to life in the comics just as vibrantly.

When you combine that with the minimalism and negative space in Miller's self-drawn art, Sin City leaps off the page. You won’t find its visual style in today’s comics.