Update: So the Firefly MMO might not be a hoax after all. It's unclear at this point, but check our later article for an update.

So apparently we missed this one, but on Saturday a new project popped up that was reportedly about to be sent to Kickstarter for funding. It was an MMO based on cancelled cult-hit Fox show Firefly, it was going to be developed by some indie studio, it supposedly had Fox's blessing, and it was complete bullshit.

Sometimes it pays not to work on Saturdays, we guess, or else we likely would have fallen for this one as well.

Kotaku reports that though the project, called Firefly Universe Online (FUO), initially seemed legit, several factors have popped up that now make it clear that it's a fake. Not the least of those factors is the apparent involvement of The Yes Men, a group somewhat infamous for impersonating spokespeople for companies ranging from McDonald's to the U.S. government (yes, also a company, obviously).

Further, Fox reportedly already blocked one Firefly game from being made; in retrospect, Kotaku points out, it seems fishy that they would suddenly approve this one out of the blue.

So the lesson here is if it sounds too good to be true, it just might be.

[via Kotaku]