"Teen Mom 2" Star Can't Get Custody of Child, Gets Pregnant Again

"Teen Mom 2" Star Can't Get Custody of Child, Gets Pregnant AgainJenelle's Instagram

Jenelle Evans, of Teen Mom 2, is pregnant again. The 21-year-old posted a photo of her growing baby bump on Instagram. Oh, and sold the sonogram pictures. Normal stuff. Her pregnancy comes after a year of arrests and jailtime for both parents (here is a handy and unbelievable timeline), neither of which have custody of their respective children.

Evans and husband Courtland Rogers had a 14-day engagement last month following a shopping mall proposal. After their marriage, the two and Rogers' other baby mama began secretly filming each other and posting the videos on YouTube to prove that the others are doing drugs or are terrible people or something, all of which is evident without their help.

She wrote on her blog in December that she wasn't pregnant because "Over my dead body would I be that selfish to have a baby before getting Jace back."

Guess that's no longer the case.


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