Storify, the two-year-old social media service that let's users to create stories or timelines using sites like Instagram and Twitter, may soon be catching some bad press. BuzzFeed is reporting that the site allows users to publicly display private Facebook posts. As Justine Sharrock reports:

The Storify post includes the user's photo, a link to their Facebook account, and the timestamp of the post. Since Storify is not accessing data through Facebook's API, any posts that users can see, even those in private groups, can be tagged and copied to Storify and publicly posted back on Facebook — and Facebook users can't block their content from being shared on Storify.

Private Twitter profiles, on the other hand, cannot be accessed through Storify.

"Anytime you share something with someone else you are trusting that person in how they use it," said site co-founder Burt Herman. "Just because we make it a little easier than copy and paste doesn't mean you should do it just because you can. There are human etiquette conventions that people need to keep in mind."

[via BuzzFeed FWD]