Once the state of Washington's Liquor Control Board announced that they were looking for a skilled marijuana consultant to advise them on how to handle newly legalized marijuana, you knew there would be several applicants. The board reserved a convention center hall to accommodate the anticipated response, and dozens of people showed up yesterday to learn more about the job.

It's a little bit more complicated than just being a savvy pothead. The state is seeking someone to determine the best way to grow, test, label, distribute and even regulate marijuana. They even want to know the best way to craft edibles. So in addition to exceptional marijuana knowledge, the job will require at least five years of regulatory experience, and they'd love it if you have a degree in law.

During yesterday's session, someone asked if a felony conviction would hurt their candidacy. That depends on the circumstancesif it's a conviction for marijuana, that's probably fine. However, if it's something malicious, then you probably don't have a shot.

Washington hopes to award one contract, but could give out as many as four to spread the responsibilities out among different individuals. Bids for contracts are due on Feb. 15, and contracts will be given out in March. Meanwhile, the state will begin selling marijuana legally in December.

[via The Huffington Post]