A Seattle woman plans to eat nothing but Starbucks products for the remainder of the year. This will include Starbucks-owned brands like Tazo Tea and Evolution Fresh. Beautiful Existence (yes, that's her name) says "I've been going in and getting their nutrition by the cup charts for all their serving sizes." 

Existence says she's making the drastic move because she wants to "help Starbucks help communities." She also just completed a year of buying everything at Goodwill, so being eccentric is just her thing. "The company pays good benefits for part-time workers," she explained. "That's where my money is going."

She also feels that Americans are "spoiled" as compared to other countries due to their variety of dining options. "You go to all these other countries and they don't have these luxuries...Really? Is it really going to be that hard for one year of my life to limit my menu? We'll find out."

Existence spends $18.79 a day on average, putting her on pace to spend more than $7,000 over the course of the year. Eater noted that this number is $4,000 more than the average adult woman spends on groceries.

[via Gawker]