On Wednesday night, a preview party for Russian restaurant Mari Vanna (1141 Connecticut Avenue NW) was held at its brand new location in D.C.'s Dupont Circle. Guests had the opportunity to sample authentic Russian cuisine including Russian dumplings, black caviar and blinis, which are Russian crepes with red caviar and sour cream.

There was also a three-hour open bar where a number of house-infused vodkas were served. Pineapple and Honey Oat-infused vodkas are just as good as you think they are.

Russian legend states that Mari Vanna was known for inviting travelers into her home and serving them home-cooked meals. That explains why the three-level restaurant looks just like your grandmom's house, all the way down to the furniture and requisite grandchild drawings.

The restaurant officially opened its doors yesterday, and is one of the many bars and restaurants that will be serving liquor until 4 a.m. throughTuesday.