Michael Dell might own 16% of his creation, according to recent filings, but with stock prices plunging, he's feeling some pressure to give it all up. 

In a news exclusive, Businessweek outlines why Dell is in talks to go private, noting that PC sales slowed to "about 20% in the fourth quarter," partly due to its shift to making highly profitable acquisitions à la competitors like HP and moving the business away from PCs. 

Dell still rakes in serious cash, but its founder might soon eat his words if he decides to go rogue. As Digits' Dennis K. Berman points out, "This is still a massive acquisition, one of a scale that we’ve not seen in the past five years," on par with Hilton Hotels. And let's be honest, no one's frothing at the mouth to invest in PCs these days. 

So what does this mean for you, the consumer? Probably not much, at least in the short-term. As one San Francisco-based analyst told Businessweek, "The competitors are still there," meaning you'll still shop at Apple. 

[via BusinessWeek]