The man accused of pushing another man to his death at 49th Street subway station last month has explained his motivation for pushing the victim. According to court documents, 30-year-old Naeem Davis told police that he realized Ki-Suck Han was intoxicated, and credited his actions to poor judgement.

Davis told cops that he realized victim KI-Suck Han was drunk when he saw him on the platform: “Yes, for the sake of argument, I could have walked away...But it was just bad timing. He came at the wrong time," he said. Davis says his head wasn't in the right place because someone had thrown away his Timberland boots two days before the incident.

Davis has entered not guilty pleas for charges of second degree murder and manslaughter. He says he was downtown on an assignment for the Times Square street vendors he worked for, when he was approached by an intoxicated Han. According to Davis, Han approached him yelling "I'll kill you!"

Davis has apologized, and his defense is arguing that Han was the aggressor. Meanwhile, the prosecution says that Davis knew better, and never felt threatened by Han.

[via Gothamist]