A male nurse was arrested at Sherman Oaks Hospital after he was allegedly caught engaging in a sex act with a dead woman. 61-year-old Alejandro Razo was taken into custody after hospital security told the LAPD that it appeared as though a female corpse had been "violated by an employee of the hospital." 

Though it remains unclear exactly how Razo was caught, he was charged with necrophilia and given a Health and Safety Code violation. Speaking with CBS Los AngelesLt. Andy Neiman explained why authorities were so vigilant against Razo: "It’s a very sensitive case because you’re dealing with somebody who is deceased, who’s a loved one of somebody, who really couldn’t even fight back, so it’s our job to fight back for them."

Necrophilia became a crime in California in 2004, and Razo could serve a maximum of three years in prison if convicted. 

[via The Huffington Post]