A Staten Island man began the week on a horribly painful note after getting his hand caught in a wood chipper yesterday morning. A spokesman for the FDNY says that the man's hand was not amputated, but there was a lot of "controlled bleeding." The man's hand was reportedly still attached, but "mangled" when he entered A to Z Auto Body Corp. seeking help. He was rushed to Richmond University Medical Center just after 10 a.m.

Gothamist reached out to A to Z Auto Body Corp., but a man who answered the phone "angrily denied" involvement. All these reporters are calling here and I'm going to have to take this up with the Staten Island Advance, because this is a false report," the man said. "The guy met a cop car on the corner, not here. An ambulance came for him on the corner, not here."

When pressed for details about the victim's condition, the man refused to offer more information (including his name) and hung up.

[via Gothamist]