Hopefully taking note of our New Year's resolution suggestion for him, M. Night Shyamalan is reportedly developing a new limited series for Fox. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director is working on Wayward Pines, a longform drama which follows a secret service agent named Ethan Burke who arrives in the town of Wayward Pines, ID, in search of two missing federal agents. The Playboy Club's Chad Hodge will pen the script, which is being described as a thriller similar to Twin Peaks.

Additionally, Bruce C. McKenna, who won an Emmy for his HBO miniseries The Pacific is headed to Fox as well - he is reportedly working on another limited series called Blood Brothers, which surrounds the true story of the West Point Class of 1861 and "centers on two best friends and the rest of the class who find themselves on opposite ends of the conflict."

Both shows will be 10- or 12-part events that can either evolve into franchises, or remain stand-alone, set to air in the next year or two.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]