Game Jams, marathon game development competitions that usually last no more than a few days, can result in some of the most creative and raw indie games around. So we're especially keep to find out what's going to happen when gaming zine Kill Screen and Ouya, the Kickstarted Android console, host the 10-day Create Game Jam.

Hopefully the ambitious developers who get involved will take some time to sleep every few days, or else we might get some extremely weird games from the minds of exhausted geniuses.

The event begins on Monday, Jan. 14, and it will feature an all-star cast of judges. According to an announcement sent out today, they'll include Felicia Day (The Guild), Adam Saltsman (Canabalt), Phil Fish (FEZ), Alexis Madrigal (Atlantic Monthly), Austin Wintory (Grammy-nominated composer), Ed Fries (Co-creator, Xbox), Joanne McNeil (former editor, Rhizome), and Zach Gage (SpellTower).

You can get all the details on the official Kill Screen and Ouya Create site. Oh, did we mention the $45,000 in prizes that will be given out to the winners? Think you've got the stuff to compete?