Fresh off her two Golden Globe victories last weekend, Lena Dunham made an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night to discuss, like in most of her interviews, her many haters and what it's like to have so much success so young. Dunham is quickly becoming a pro at handling the, as she says, "58-year-olds who wish [her] dead" - she's previously said that she gets off on the criticism - so the interview quickly turned towards the writing in the show, and, inevitably, its numerous awkward, hilarious sex scenes.

"You do write sex scenes," Stewart stated, before pointing out that Allison Williams, daughter of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams stars in the show. "Is there anything that you could do to make him more uncomfortable? I say this to you, as a personal favor to me," he requested.

Dunham jokingly responded that she'd be up for it, adding, "As a fan of his, I've often talked about how I wanted to have, like, a Brian Williams cam where there's a camera on him watching the sex scenes and we get to see it play in real time...that's a dream of mine." 

Williams himself has previously commented on his daughter's role in the series - last April, he told Vulture that he felt "unmitigated joy" about the "awkward sex scenes." So, it'd probably take a lot to make him "more uncomfortable" as Stewart requested if that's true. Good thing the show's on HBO!

You can check out Stewart's interview with Dunham, in full, above.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]