In the upcoming Green Arrow #17, DC Entertainment is radically changing the book’s identity by featuring writer Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Justice League Dark) and artist Andrea Sorrentino (I, Vampire) as the new creative team on the title. But rather than paint Oliver Queen’s world in the way a typical superhero comic would read, Lemire and Sorrentino are bringing a gritty, noir flavor to Green Arrow that looks to completely shatter our preconceived ideas of what the character could be.

Now, courtesy of DC, we have a preview of the issue to share with you before its release on February 6. These non-colored images perfectly show off the realistic, heavily shadowed style that Sorrentino is bringing to the book, as Oliver Queen’s world is turned upside-down by his latest villain, Komodo. And if you’re a newcomer to Green Arrow, don’t worry, because Lemire told Newsarama that he is approaching his first issue as if it was the start of an entirely new book.

”Anyone who hasn't been reading the book yet, since the New 52 launch, doesn't need to worry about what's going on,” he told the site. “The challenge for me, when taking over the title at issue #17, was really to try to approach it as if it's a first issue, so that it's completely accessible to new readers. Everything you need to know about the character and his world is established in a simple way in that first issue.”

So be sure to take a look at the art and cover from Green Arrow #17, along with a short synopsis of the issue, below.

• Welcome the new team of writer JEFF LEMIRE and artist ANDREA SORRENTINO!
• As Ollie struggles to come to terms with the loss of his fortune, his company and his heritage, he discovers a shocking truth about his father that ties to his time stranded on an island before he became Green Arrow.
• Plus: Green Arrow battles the deadly archer known as Komodo!

All Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment
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