Sometimes, the cushion on the earbuds is too big. At other times, they're too small. Why can't there just be a reasonable solution for everyone. Well, that moment may finally be here as Asius Technologies is going to come out with inflatable earbuds, which "inflates like a tiny airbag inside human ears can create the perfect fit for any music-listening experience or hearing aid." 

The founder of Asius Technologies, Stephen Ambrose, revealed that his company approached Apple with their newest product and "they just can't wait for us to be in their store."

When placed within the ear, the inflatable earbuds resemble "the slight change in air pressure when riding an elevator" that will create an "isolation" seal which will block out outside noise. And if that doesn't entice you already, the device also adjusts to the constant changing of the human ear canals'  shape when people perform daily functions, like chewing and even talking. Are you sold yet? 

[via Mashable]