Appears In: "She Did"

Okay, so Hannah doesn't actually "go" to the aquarium, but the sign is cool. So, rather than evaluate how cool the aquarium is in Girls, a story from the writer's childhood: My mother gave me some perspective on aquariums I'll never forget. After a middle-school trip to the aquarium, she asked me how I liked it. I replied, "Well, you know, I've been there before" in that jaded thirteen-year-old way. She turned around-while driving, mind you-and yelled, "There are SENIOR CITIZENS who go there EVERY OTHER DAY and they see something new and beautiful to appreciate. If you went to the aquarium and didn't see anything you liked, that's your problem." That day I knew I had to move somewhere where it would be a two hour train ride to get to the aquarium, so that the only way I would end up there was if I fell asleep drunk on the train...a move Hannah Horvath pulls with grace in the finale of the first season of Girls. Personal anecdote finished.

Verdict: Insufficient Evidence