Appears In: "She Did"

Girls's portrayal of Coney Island suffers from a severe lack of locals, rooftop folks aside. Coney Island is like a Scooby-Doo villain's hideout, complete with old Russian guys in wrestling singlets, rollerblading down the boardwalk, but Girls just didn't capture that (probably because it was trying to conclude the narrative or whatever). For the purest expression of this weirdness, head to Coney Island on the first warm day of the year, say late March or early April, so you can experience the true beauty of the beachfront. Junkies will scream at you, the old ladies will play pop music from boomboxes shaded by lawn chairs, and hey! is that a weird steamroller thing puttering up and down the beach? Of course it is! Our favorite part about Coney Island is that the area for consuming alcohol is taped off in what amounts to an eight-by-eight-foot box in front of the bars. You get the sense that these were placed there after a few hard learned lessons by the local police force.

Verdict: Way Cooler Than It Is in Girls