Appears In: "Hard Being Easy"

Here's the secret about Brooklyn coffee shops: They're the worst. The vibrant, bustling spots you see on television are all filthy lies. Coffee shops in Brooklyn are just libraries without books, or silent high school study halls without the note passing and more freelancing. Everyone sits quietly, typing away on Macbook Airs, buying a coffee every three-and-a-half hours to appease the frustrated baristas who have to explain to arriving parties that the only available spots to sit are outside on artisanal barrels. There are multi-plugs in all the outlets so that folks can sit there and tweet all day long while periodically looking up to scowl at you if, God forbid, you decide to come into the coffee shop to have a conversation with someone. Girls does get one thing right though, ladies. Men will try to hit on you while you're trying to work.

Verdict: Not Nearly as Cool as it Is in Girls